how The Khilafah was destroyed

The fierce struggle between the Islamic thoughts and the Kufr thoughts, and between the Muslims and the Kuffar, has been intense ever since the dawn of Islam. When the Messenger of Allah (saw) was sent, the struggle was only an intellectual one, and was not associated with any material struggle. This status quo continued until the Islamic State was established in Madinah, whereupon the army and the authority were established and since then, the Messenger of Allah (saw) combined the material struggle with the intellectual struggle. The verses
of Jihad were revealed and the struggle went on. It will continue in this way – a bloody struggle alongside the intellectual struggle – until the Hour comes and Allah (swt) inherits the Earth and those on it. This is why Kufr
is an enemy of Islam, and this is why the Kuffar will be the enemies of the Muslims as long as there is Islam and Kufr in this world, Muslims and Kuffar, until all are resurrected. This is a decisive and a constant fact. Hence
the understanding of it should remain clear to the Muslims at all times throughout the whole of their life, and it should be taken as a criterion to judge the relationships between Islam and Kufr and between the Muslims
and the Kuffar.


  • The struggle between Islam and Kufr
  • The conspiracies of the European countries against the Islamic State
  • Arousing the nationalist chauvinism and the separatist tendencies
  • The missionary and the cultural invasion
  • The attempt at introducing the Western constitutional rules Adopting the Western laws
  • The impact of the cultural and legislative invasion

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