The Economic System In Islam

TThis translation of the Arabic work, Nizam al Iqtisad fil Islam by Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabahani is one of the only books available in English that addresses the comprehensive economic system of Islam going beyond the subjects of Islamic finance and addresses how Islam tackles the economic problem from its root.At this critical period when capitalist economic system and rules are being fostered over the Muslims globally and Muslim intellectuals are looking for salvation from the western free market model, there is a pressing need for a clear elucidation of the economic system of Islam. This unique book is an intellectual treasure in this respect being the first book this century to produce a crystal clear picture of the Islamic systemIt explain in fine detail topics such as the Islamic view of economy and its objective, the rule of lands, the need for the gold standard and how foreign trade is to be conducted. The sole sources in adopting the rules mentioned in this book are the book of Allah and the Sunnah of his Messenger (Saw) , Ijma’a As-sahabah and Qiyas.The 298 page book also produces an eloquent rebuttal of both the capitalist and socialist system, exposing their defects and contradiction with Islam.The topics covered in the book include:- Types of Ownership – The Means of Owning Property- The First Means of Ownership: Work (‘Amal) – Brokerage and Commission Agency – The work of the employee – Inheritance – The Way to Dispose of Property – Increasing Wealth – The Rule of Lands – Reviving Uncultivated Land- Trading and Manufacturing – The Rules of Partnerships (Companies) – Capitalist Companies – Commercial Companies of Joint Liability (Unlimited Liability Companies) – Joint Stock Companies (Share Companies) – Co-operative Societies – Insurance – Prohibited Methods of Increasing Wealth – Public Property – State Property – The State Treasury (Bait al-Mal) – Zakat – Taxes – Distributing Wealth among the People – Riba – Currency Exchange (Sarf) – The Gold Standard – Foreign Trade

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